Cotton yarn

Our Materials


Our hammocks and swings are made of cotton yarn manufactured in San Salvador, El Salvador and handwoven by our expert teams in Chalatenango, El Salvador and New York City.  Each product is unique and one of a kind in its creation. 

The dip and curvature of your item will take shape over use and time. Out of packaging, the hammock or swing will be taut, do not be discouraged, all it needs to take form is you!


Natural Dyes

Naturally dyed items are all unique . The team at Fragmentario ( ) extracts color from plants and minerals to dye our products. While your product will be dyed in full, each will have its own special flow of color. These should not be viewed as imperfections, but rather celebrated as one of kind. All naturally dyed products are spot checked before full assembly.

Please note that naturally dyed items can be affected by exposure to sunlight.  Your hammock or swing will not lose its color! The vibrancy and saturation may only fade in small amounts over time, depending on the longevity of exposure. This is another natural transition that should be celebrated and admired.